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10, wrapping up the last of his three-year return tour. 11, Celine Dion was the top-grossing female act this year.Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande all made the top 20.De Lesseps and second husband Tom D’Agostino were married in grand style on Dec.31, 2016, and divorced by October, with drama along the way. Star of stage and screen Rose Marie, best known for her work as comedy writer Sally Rogers on “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” died Thursday at age 94.I thought the format of reading poetry was getting really dead, and I still believed it could be a viable force, a great communication outlet.My motivation was to try to put the blood back into the form — to get it away from being so boring. Rock and roll may not appear to be so relevant on the pop charts these days, but it’s still a dominant force on live stages.The arrest document reportedly said Olson was in the room with De Lesseps when police arrived, but Olson said she had only made it to the hallway after the man came to her in the hotel bar and asked her to help De Lesseps understand she was in the wrong room.

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What precedes Jay-Z’s own meta-family moment gives “Family Feud” breathtakingly expansive new life, delivered in a time-hopping cinematic prelude with pointedness and purpose by “Selma” and “The 13th” director Du Vernay (whose Disney sci-fi fantasy epic “A Wrinkle in Time” opens March 9).Newton, Jordan and Rhodes play out Shakespearean familial dysfunction in the year 2444.Fifty years later, Hardwick plays a descendant who governs alongside Bedard; his family skeletons are called into question by a journalist figure played by Chastain.Just as a tumultuous 2017 approaches its end, Jay-Z and filmmaker Ava Du Vernay have teamed up to put a hopeful spin on the future in the music video for “Family Feud” — and to help they have a powerhouse lineup of cameos by Michael B.Jordan, Thandie Newton, “Moonlight” actor Trevante Rhodes, Jessica Chastain, Omari Hardwick and more — including Queen B herself, Beyoncé.“Family Feud,” a track from Jay-Z’s introspective “,” would generate plenty of buzz without the extra dash of star power thanks to the raw accusations of infidelity Beyoncé sang about on “Lemonade.” And indeed, in one “Family Feud” sequence, the rapper performs his verses walking hand in hand into church with daughter Blue Ivy before confessing his marital sins to Beyoncé herself.

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    In generational terms this mode of thought is actually quite recent, and until the middle of the 19th century first cousin marriage was common in most Western countries, in part due to the shortage of available unrelated spouses in many outlying areas.

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